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Must-Know Korean Beauty Products for Your Holistic Skin Routine

There are those determined to have a beauty routine, and then there are those who just go by the products that come along and look for solutions when their skin really screams for it. Being not too fixed on physical appearance is good, because there are other things to think about, like career, reading that book, or being outspoken in your thoughts for the good of humanity! But girl, how would you know that your skin can actually get way better if you don’t try new things? We’re not even talking about hoarding luxury beauty products here that leave you broke. We’re talking about achieving your holistic skin care system to make your skin glowing, like those offered by Korean beauty products online now and other Asian skin care routines that are minimalist, yet are true and tested in addressing skin issues.

You may have heard about Korean beauty products online or in local stores getting more common by the moment. But many times, all these variety of selections can just leave you staring at the bottles and then conclude that, ‘nah, don’t need it for now’.

korean beauty products online

And so, let this article guide you through products that you might not be too familiar of, but then might be the very solutions to your beauty woes that prevent you from attaining a dreamy skin.

Make Up Removers Etc.

The time of the day where you remove your make up and do your personal beauty routine is an important stage in maintaining your skin. Of course you already know this as otherwise, let us exclaim that removing make up before your sleep is very important!

You know that the routine involves possibly the following: removing the makeup, cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. If you opt to skip some of these steps, we’re not preventing you – for example, you prefer to exfoliate your skin once in a few days instead of daily. You know your skin better than anyone, and if you’re better off not rubbing chemically-laden products too much, then good for you.

Meanwhile, Asians’ approach in beauty didn’t get popular for no reason. Korean beauty products online can range from rice paper or green tea make up removers, facial washes, seaweed or sugar exfoliators, toners, to moisturizing creams that are water-based or made from a main natural product, like coconut or snails…depending on your skin’s needs. Of course, if you think you’re comfortable with the Western beauty products you have now and the functions they serve for you pre-sleep skin routine, then we’re not stopping you. Read on for more beauty routine gems that will probably change your life.

Face Masks

Do you feel the same when we say that intuition tells us these Korean masks are better than many Western facial treatments in store racks today? You can start selecting the right masks by identifying your skin’s issues. Some common problems are clogged or large pores, oily and dry skin, uneven skin tone, and more. For example, Beautyworks Cosmetica features a lot of choices when it comes to Korean skin masks. Beautiful Koreans’ complexions have that translucent look that are not just fair. And yes, this roots from their holistic way of taking care of their skin. You can have that too so try out those wonder masks for keeps.

Beauty Blender

Some say beauty blenders are just hype, those egg shaped foams for applying makeup. Let’s see if this is indeed true for you. Make up experts do some “stippling”, where these sponges saturate some water before make up application, serve to use less beauty product, get a more even coverage and have fewer make up errors.


Don’t be surprised to see a Korean lady using different serums all to herself for different skin problems. Perhaps you can do so too. Whatever you decide on, you can’t ignore that this is one of Koreans’ beauty staples. In fact, many claim that serums are more important that moisturizers or creams. Are you serious about attaining that porcelain-like finish you see in some Korean beauties? Think of it this way, you are using real-life Photoshop on your skin – if you want to brighten your skin, or perhaps achieve some dewiness, or remove wrinkles, there are serums that focus on them. Check a store’s selections, research about the products they have and decide what suits you.


We’re not referring to perfumes. Korean essences, when you find Korean beauty products online, are perfect pairs of serums. What essences do, really, is to hydrate the skin right before applying the serum. Serums, powerful as they can be, might be too concentrated for your skin, and an essence serves to condition your skin. Again, check for good essences to fit with your serum.


Korean mists today serve different skin issues and you don’t have to remove your day makeup for that. Let’s just say that in the middle of the day, your face won’t be as well done as in the morning. A retouch is nice, but are you bothered with that cakey texture now that you’ve reapplied powder? Or that redness spreading or your skin badly needing something mattifying after getting oily? Then the mists by Korean beauty experts work, for real.

BB Cushions and BB, CC Creams

The most popular among the Korean beauty regimen at the moment are the BB creams and related products. BB Cushions are loved by some because they have an innovative application and tend to be less greasy than BB creams. BB creams simply have a cult of following by women of different classes. CC creams banner the color correction technology for those with uneven tone. There are ee, ff creams and perhaps more of the alphabet coming your way for Korean beauty products online and in traditional shops.


If we want to apply foundation, we go for something lightweight, with the right color. Today’s options in different stores can have you easily acquire a go-to foundation for special occasions or if you want to do so daily. But how about the primer that goes with the foundation base? Quality Korean primers that compete and kick ass the traditional ones exist today too. Perhaps you can find a great one if your skin’s fickle, but you still want to do that full coverage makeup.

We hope we’ve helped you in your quest for a good beauty routine. If you’re considering to buy Korean beauty products online at, make sure what they are selling are authentic. Annyeong!