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Get that Awesome Bust Line: Your Guide on Breast Implantation Treatments

Thousands of women and even men undergo breast implant surgery annually. This is a plastic surgery designed to improve the overall appearance of the breasts. Otherwise known as breast augmentation, this procedure enlarges naturally small breasts, repair breast deformities as well as correcting disproportionate breasts. Breast lift surgery, a related breast implants Brisbane procedure, is a process where saggy and drooping breasts are repositioned fittingly high on the chest.

Combining breast lift and augmentation results in increased volume and a perkier, youthful bustline. If you are thinking of undertaking this procedure, choosing the right type of breast implant should be a priority. The overall success of breast implants is hugely reliant on the breast implant type, placement position and surgical incisions chosen. That said, outlined below are the main types of breast implants in Brisbane and their credits.

  1. Silicone breast implants

This breast implants Brisbane type involves filling the bustline with silicone gel. Silicone gels feel natural just like the natural breast tissue. The silicone gels used in this procedure is recent and more advanced. Additionally, they are safe and less likely to rupture or complicate, unlike the older silicone gels. The implants are however quite expensive and require a large incision to insert. Detecting ruptures are also quite challenging as the gel may escape to the breast implant pocket in case of leaks.

  1. Saline breast implants

Unlike silicone implants, saline procedures involve filling the breast tissue with sterile salt water. This gives the breast tissue its desired shape and size. The volume of saline solution placed on the silicon shell is a primary determinant of the firmness resulting from the implant. Undertaking this Brisbane breast implants type is less expensive. The procedure also has a low scarring risk, and ruptures can be detected early. Besides, this procedure is non-toxic as the saline solution can be absorbed into the body and naturally expelled. However, high risks of rippling and its less natural factor are the major drawbacks.

  1. Round breast implants

This type of breast implants Brisbane results in a fuller rather than form-stable breast. This type raises a less concern of rotating out of space.

  1. Smooth breast implants

As the name suggests, this implant type achieves a soft feeling breast. Smooth implants move with the breast implant pocket thus giving a natural movement. However, visible rippling under the skin limits the extensive use of this cheap breast implants Brisbane.

  1. Textured breast implants

Textured implants involve developing a scar tissue which makes them less likely to move within the breast or being repositioned. This offers some advantage as it diminishes the risks of a tight scar capsule.

Having decided on the type of breast implants Brisbane to undertake, consider finding a suitable position of placing the breast implant. There are three main placement positions. Experts from Form & Function Clinic can advise on finding the best position between subglandular, partial submuscular and complete submuscular positions. Nevertheless, the best breast implants placement position results are dependent on various factors. Your lifestyle, the amount of the natural breast tissue, your desired appearance and size of the implants are just but a few to mention.