Bridesmaid 101: Tips on Being the Best Bridesmaid in Any Wedding

Congratulations on being chosen to be a bridesmaid! Being a bridesmaid is a serious matter which means that your family, relative or friend trusts you enough to be given such an important job. In Canada, and in lots of countries all over the world, soon-to-be brides and grooms recognize the significance of having wedding day “sponsors” that will help them in different wedding tasks. Say for instance you’re asked to be the bridesmaid of your friend’s wedding to be held in Vancouver, you will most likely help the bride with pre-wedding preparations, follow up on the status of hired Vancouver wedding photographer, and a lot more. Here are some tips you may want to follow:

1. Express your commitment to the task – As soon as you are requested to be one of the bridesmaids, let the bride and groom know that you are fully committed to being a reliable bridesmaid. This shows them that they may count on you to help them with most pre-wedding and actual wedding day preparations.

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2. Establish a personal and working relationship with your co-bridesmaids – If you don’t already know your co-bridesmaids, reach out to them so you may hopefully be more than just acquaintances but instead be newfound friends. Once you have established a personal relationship you may then talk about your expectations and thoughts about your common task.

3. Meet up with the bride and/or groom – Help gather all the bridesmaids for a meeting with the bride and/or groom to discuss pre-wedding preparation details such as coordination of wedding suppliers. For a Vancouver wedding that would most likely refer to suppliers like venue rental, catering company, Vancouver wedding photographer, souvenir supplier, hair and makeup artists, and more.

4. Accompany the bride or groom in doing wedding errands – Ask the bride and groom if you could assist them in different wedding errands like securing the wedding license or permit, assisting them during the wedding attire fitting process, following up with guests’ attendance confirmation, and others.

5. Assist in finalizing the wedding day program sequence – Most wedding themes, whether they are based from North American, Asian, Africa, or Australian cultures, typically go for a wedding day program. Offer your assistance in coming up with a creative program flow or sequence. Aside from the usual wedding traditions, you could suggest having games and giving an award to winners.

6. Help the bride during the actual wedding day – During the big day, be always ready to assist the bride in anything she may need. You may volunteer to be the official contact person for the hired Vancouver wedding photographer and assist them in doing their coverage of the pre-wedding preparations.

7. Facilitate the flow of the wedding – Help ensure the smooth flow of both the wedding ceremony and party. For example, you could help distribute flowers for the entourage before the ceremony and assist the videographers in playing the Same Day Edit or SDE video of the event.

Being a bridesmaid may seem challenging but it’s definitely fun and rewarding too! If you need to look for photo and video companies to recommend to your friend, go online for some options. You may also want to visit Life Studios Inc, a cinematography and photography group based in Vancouver. Check out