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Camping Check List: Essentials You Need In An Army Supplies Store

When planning for a camp out, you need to be well equipped with tough survival kits to give you the best chance of enjoying the wild. First place you need to stop for is a good Army supplies Melbourne store that is well stocked and can offer everything you need.

Shopping for camping gears can be frustrating and a challenging task especially if it is your first trip. However, if you know exactly what to buy you will have fun picking items and discovering different supplies.

Before going on a shopping spree, you want to get important supplies that fit your budget and will cater for your needs. It is therefore important that you categorise your list into two, that is;

–      Basic essentials

–      Camping gears

Doing so will help you avoid missing out on an item you needed the most while you will also not overspend on what you don’t need.

So what should be in your checklist when visiting an army supply Melbourne shop?

Basic essentials

This includes toiletries, shelter and cooking materials. Some items you need to look out for include;

  • Tents – They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and prices. When choosing tents, consider the terrain around your campsite. If you are heading to a wet jungle, for example, you would want to go for a waterproof travel hammock.
  • Backpack – the best packing bags are those with extra pockets on the sides and can easily be extended when there is a lot to be packed. Day Pack Auscam is usually a popular choice in army supplies Melbourne stores due to its long design and high quality material.
  • Cooking stove – you will find different types of camp stoves in the market all equipped with different features and have different price tags on them. The right stove is the one that is simple, durable and economical.

Other basic essentials that are worth mentioning are such as; water filters/purifiers, utensils, lighting source, sleeping bag and insect repellent among other essentials.

Camping gear

Your camping gear includes tools and equipment that will facilitate your stay at the tough outdoors. Some of the things you’d want to look at include;

  • Map/compass ­– to avoid getting lost while you are out camping, you must have a map of the area and carry along a directional compass as well. On the other hand, if you want to blend technology with an old fashioned camping trip you might want to carry a portable GPS system.
  • Flash light/headlamps/LED straps – laminate your nights with such light source devices. Buy rechargeable torches as they are very economical and reliable.
  • Swiss knife – get a good army Swiss knife for multipurpose use.
  • Binoculars – chances are you will be spotting some wild animals or scenic sights; a good pair of binoculars will help you get closer and enjoy the view.
  • Metal detectors – there are all kinds of metal detectors Melbourne camping supplies stores offer. This gear is a must have for treasure hunters and the adventurous. If you are going to buy metal detector Melbourne shops have, pick out the right set that you are more comfortable with.

Other gears you should buy are such as; ropes, axe, lantern, collapsible water container, stakes and not forgetting a first aid box.

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